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Virtual Spiritual Scavenger Hunt 2024:

Updated: Feb 12

From February 1-10th 2024 join us in a virtual scavenger hunt to WIN a free reading!
Virtual Scavenger Hunt 2024

From February 1-10th, 2024 join me in a virtual scavenger hunt to WIN a free intuitive reading (and other prizes)...

That's right, get all the answers to the clues correct, be entered into the draw and you could win one of the following:

Think you have what it takes? Sharpen up your spiritual pencils and let's go!

Here's what you have to do to be entered into the draw:

  1. Follow my Instagram account @thelotuslivingspace

  2. Check for daily clues located in my 'STORY'.

  3. Check back here often as all clues will be listed BELOW in case you miss one

  4. Write down your answers from February 1st-10th, 2024. On February 10th, send them to me via DM either on Facebook @thelotuslivingspace, on Instagram@thelotuslivingspace or via email to

  5. Stay tuned for the LIVE announcement on February 12th at 12pm, 2024 to find out who the lucky winner are!

Good luck!

*One prize per person may be claimed | Not to be combined with any other specials or discounts | Prizes must be claimed by February 29th, 2024


RECAP Scavenger Hunt Clues:

Day 1 (Feb 1st): On my Facebook profile, name one of the crystals featured in the profile photo.

Day 2 (Feb 2nd): On the recipes page of my website, In the "chakra tune-up" section, what food is in the cover photo

Day 3 (Feb 3rd): In my travel vlog, which location did I visit first?

Day 4: (Feb 4th): Name the chakra associated with personal power, determination and will. What colour is it?

Day 5: (Feb 5th): On the 'home' page of my website, find the secret word of the day.

Day 6 (Feb 6th): On my Facebook page, find my post on 'Designing your Life'. What am I holding in the photo?

Day 7: (Feb 7th): On my Instagram profile, what is the first emoji in my profile description?

Day 8: (Feb 8th): Visit my website and name the activity the person is doing on my contact page

Day 9 (Feb 9th): In a recent BLOG post on my website on "New Moon Rituals", what was the 3rd tip?

Day 10 (Feb 10th): On my Youtube Channel @timetravellingwithjoanna, in one of my videos I mention that this ____________ is "a Gateway to finding your Spirit?"                      


🌺Lotus Living: the art of creating a life that supports you, in body, mind & spirit. This post is for inspiration purposes only. Always check with your doctor prior to commencing any new diets or trends. ...

*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician and do not claim that any lifestyle ideas or theories presented in this video guarantee the curing of any physical, emotional or spiritual ailments. Anything expressed are personal opinions and should be taken for personal reflection purposes only.

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