The Lotus Living Philosophy:

​​Simply put, Lotus Living is living a lifestyle that fits you to a tee.  It's YOU. THRIVING. NATURALLY.  Just like any element of nature, each human requires an exactly precise environment in which to thrive, that is unique to them.  It takes time, patience and laughter to create a life where you're in "full bloom"; full of energy, vitality & good health, but it's so worth it!


When you have the resources, support, diet, tools, insight and environment to thrive, you achieve success, well-being and inner confidence, naturally!  Life becomes effortless when you're in the driver's seat.  I truly believe that lasting happiness and solid health come from a foundation of understanding who we are, why we're here and how to take care of our needs first, then help others.


I saw a real need in society of women selling themselves short and getting life leftovers...(including myself!) The "Lotus Living" system profoundly educates women to understand how their unique body, mind & spirit combination works by creating a harmonious life system; it brings balance, self-love, and well-being into their day-to-day lives to offer concrete roots of balance, good health and wisdom.  It enables them to see clearly what brings them the most joy. 


It's time to look within and serve ourselves a banquet of glorious choices.  I can help you get through the clutter of everyone else's "stuff" and dig deep to unearth you biggest, most joyful mission.  From Reiki, medical intuition and intuitive soul mentoring,

are you ready to meet the new you?

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Proudly Canadian

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