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If you're like me, chances are the "usual repetoire" of menu ideas start to get stale.....sooooo, I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for tasty new ideas that feed my Soul... visit back often to see what we've got cookin'!

Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
We can all benefit from eating calming and soothing foods that fight the inflammation response. Give your heart, your mind and your body a helping hand by including these foods daily.
Gluten-free Goodness
Find ideas for going GF that are easy, doable and tasty!
Meatless Meals
Because sometimes you want to go green...
Smoothies & Cool Drinks
Get your drink on! Anytime, anywhere, the more colour the better!
Healthy Snacks
When you need just a little somethin'!
Eating for the Chakras
Tune-up your chakras with these colour-filled recipes!
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**Disclaimer**: I am not a licensed physician/dietician and do not claim that the above recipes on my website have any medicinal properties or may heal/cure any physical, emotional or spiritual ailments. Anything expressed on this website are my personal opinions and should be viewed for information purposes only. Please use your discernment and personal judgement when trying out new diets and seek professional medical advice prior to using if: you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you are presently taking mediction, you have a chronic or grave illness or you have had allergies/sensitivities in the past. 

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