#Come out of this Stronger  April 2020

For the next month, I'm challenging you to do what it takes to #comeoutofthisstronger. What can you do daily to feel better, raise your vibration and change the world? IT'S UP TO US TO BE THE CHANGE.


Post your adventures online with #bethechange or #comeoutofthisstronger - let's create a movement that rocks!!

Boutique Interview  January 2020

Thanks to Enzo Mecca and his team, this was recorded on November 16, 2019.  Special thanks to Isabelle for her patience! 


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Holistic Life Network Interview, spring 2017

RISE Revolution press release, 2017

 "You've Got Mail"...  Spreading global joy and happiness ripples, Positivity Postcards are hot off the press and coming to a mailbox near you.  In a world that is sometimes found lacking,  these postcards are sure to increase the happiness quotient of anyone who receives one.


St. Lazare, Qc.  Local entrepreneur Joanna McDonald, of Joanna's Soul Space, has announced that she has released a new product in January, 2017.  In keeping with New Year's Resolutions and starting the year off on a positive note, they are aptly named "Positivity Postcards". With a small, home-based consulting business that offers spiritual mentoring and empowerment products since 2012, Joanna was called to do more for humanity.


About 1 year ago, Joanna's own family was struck with illness, as her nephew was being treated at the Montreal Children's Hospital.  It was shortly after this monumental, emotional event that Ms. McDonald was struck with the heart-felt need to create a project to make the world brighter, just as he did.


Says Joanna, "Virtually every day, I would see so much despair and sadness that I profoundly realized immediate action was needed to assist happiness to reach more and more people, more and more frequently. Our little David was so small, but brought so much joy & love into this world.  By his example, I am humbled to lead this project... I mean, if you can make a difference in someone's life, then why not?"  


And so it was, for that very reason that the RISE Revolution Initiative began to take root, the Positivity Postcards being the first products to be launched .   The RISE Revolution Initiative (Real Individuals Succeeding Everywhere), helps lots of different people succeed in different ways.  With a core belief that love can change the world, Joanna and her team of "kindness fairies" are dedicated to creating global change through awareness, positivity and kindness.  A portion of all Positivity Postcards sold go directly to help 3 Canadian Children's charities. 


At 3 weeks into the project, word has really spread as many folks have already received or purchased cards through the mail, via Joanna's website or on social media channels.  Some have even received cards anonymously through the efforts of the kindness fairies performing random acts of kindness.


With friends & family already pitching in, it is Joanna's hope that these cards will help to make a difference in the world, by raising the global happiness quotient.  "Perhaps if we start by being kind to ourselves first, believing that we are in fact "fabulous" or "gorgeous", and then passing that on, the world will be a whole lot brighter, and therefore will create many successful people and in turn create a successful society.  Let's face it, we're all in this together and we need to pitch in wherever we can."


About Positivity Postcards

These colourful, 4 x 6 postcards, come in packs of 5 and are currently available in French and in English.  Part of the proceeds of the cards go directly to the RISE Revolution Initiative preferred charities; among them The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation, Canadian Tire's Jumpstart program  and to the Breakfast Club of Canada, helping children across Canada stay healthy, have fun and thrive!  They are printed on recycled paper and can be mailed to anywhere in the world.  Buy them here.

The MoJo Chakra Show, fall 2018

Join us on a 9-part adventure as we explore the chakras and how you can boost yours with essential oils, food, colours and more! 


Find episodes 1-9 here!


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