Feng Shui Your Chakras Spring 2019

Follow these tips for harmony, happiness and well being!  Shake off winter with these tips and tricks to align, re-focus and renew your energy:

Day 1
Root Chakra
Day 2
Sacral Chakra
Day 3
Solar Plexus Chakra
Day 4
Heart Chakra
   Day 5
Throat Chakra
   Day 6
3rd Eye Chakra
Day 7
Crown Chakra
Go for a power walk!
  Put on some music and dance
 Cook yourself a soul food meal
  Hug yourself
 Sing in the car out loud
 Take a sea salt bath
 Drink water
 Do Yoga
Create a vision board
Write a list of the things you've done well
 Volunteer your time
 Practice saying yes to fun things!
 Try a 10-minute meditation
Ask for help
Treat Yourself to a pedicure
 Take a selfie and tell yourself how proud you are!
 Post one of your achievements
  Buy yourself something fancy
 Talk to your Angels
  Write a thank you letter to the Universe
 Host a potluck party
Colour of the Day

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The MOJO Chakra Show ... October 2018

Join us on a 9-part adventure as we explore the chakras and how you can boost yours with essential oils, food, colours and more! 

Episode #2 -  The Root Chakra

Episode #3 - The Sacral Chakra

Episode #4 - The Solar Plexus Chakra

Episode #5 - The Heart Chakra

Episode #6 - The Throat Chakra

Episode #7-  The 3rd Eye Chakra

Episode #8 - The Crown Chakra


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SPIRITUAL-SABOTAGE ... September 2018

Are you spiritually sabotaging yourself? How to move from a depleted Empath to a nourished Empath easily... Learn to recognize ways you might be hindering your progress and live a prosperous life as an empath.

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5 SIGNS YOU'RE AN EMPATH... August 2018

In this video, we are discussing the signs that may indicate you're an empath and what to do about it.  

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It was my pleasure to share the screen with Enzo Mecca as we discuss Sacred Nourishment and taking good care of your Chakras.  Watch now:

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NEW OFFICE... April 2018

I am very thrilled to announce that I will be practicing Reiki at the Centre Chiropratique Hudson, beginning April 4th 2018.  Wednesdays from 1:30pm-7:30pm.  Please call 450-458-1991 to book.  It is my pleasure to offer a special rate to all holistic and health workers, including caregivers, nurses and doctors.  Click here for more details.  

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Discussing medical intuition, sacred garden creation, Feng Shui & more with Isabelle & Enzo...

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Part 1                                                                                   Part 2

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Ultimate Clutter-Clear Out!

7-Part Video Series, January 2018
Join Joanna as she shows you how to
kick-start your Soul Space for clarity, abundance & good health! In this FREE 7-part video series, learn easy & quick tips to get your Soul Space in rockin' in 2018!

Feng Shui Space Transformation

4-Part Video Series, June 2017
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Positivity Postcards Press Release

New Products Launch, February, 2017
Positivity Postcards are hot off the press and coming to a mailbox near you!  They are sure to increase the happiness quotient around the globe!
I wanted to thank you for your workshop last week; it really created a team spirit and I must say that things are moving, clients are returning, the phone is ringing more steadily and the door is opening to a lot of new clients; that is quite amazing!

H.B, Hudson, Quebec