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Bring Your Own Wine Podcast with Host Katrina Legault
"The art of creating a lifestyle that supports you"
February 2023, Hudson, QC

Bring Your Own Wine Podcast with Host Katrina Legault

"Guided Meditation for Leaders & Entrepreneurs"
July 2023, Hudson, QC


The Limit-free Life Podcast with Host Julie-Anne MacDonald
"Embracing Your Authentic Self"

February 2024, St. Lazare, QC

Feng Shui  Resources

Inviting The AngelsJoanna McDonald
00:00 / 05:17
Meet Your Spirit GuideJoanna McDonald
00:00 / 09:34



Meditation is an ancient practice that helps promote well-being and health. It has many benefits, including increasing intuition, reducing anxiety and depression, and helping you to sleep better. Meditation also helps you connect to your spirit and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.  Try one today and let me know your thoughts...

Connecting to the UniverseJoanna McDonald
00:00 / 08:39
Grounding meditationJoanna McDonald
00:00 / 04:51

Music for meditations graciously provided by Pixabay


Land Energy VLOG Series:

Trees:  a gateway to finding your Spirit; increasing intuition with a daily tree ritual.  Learn how!

If these rocks could
talk VLOG; episode #2 of Time Travelling with Joanna; Coteau du Lac Historic Fort


Channeling Mother Mary; episode #1 of Time Travelling with Joanna; Sanctuaire Notre Dame des Lourdes


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