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Crystal Rocks

Product Recommendations

Reading a Book in Balcony


For the body:

·         T'ai Chi Step by Step

·         You can Heal Your Life

·         Earth Medicines

For the mind:

·         The Mountain is You

·         The Power of Intention

·         When God Winks

·         The Power of Trees

·          Forest Bathing

For the spirit:

·         The Ikigai Journey

·         Anatomy of the Spirit

·         Many Lives Many Masters

·         Angel Numbers

·         Sacred Contracts

·         Archangels & Ascended Masters

·         Animal Speak

·         The Practical Guide to Dowsing

For the home:

·         Creating a Garden Retreat

For travel:

·         The Spiritual Traveler

Divination Tools

Oracle Cards

·         Archangels

·         Animals

·         Colour Cards

·         Ascended Masters

·         Moonology

·         Akashic Tarot


·         Pendulums (with crystal)

·         Pendulum (with chakra colours)

·         Pendulum (metal)


·         Dowsing rods (copper)

·         Dowsing rods (mini)

·         Dowsing rods (with bag for travel)

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