How to get out of the energy of debt

I had this revelation the other day about the energy of debt. As I was meditating and asking for insight regarding my seemingly lack of financial 'flow', I was hit with what I call a Universal lightening bolt...

I was trying to find the correlation between the emotional background story that I might be running sub-consciously and my bank account woes...I was always:

  • struggling with cash flow

  • struggling to catch up financially (and in life in general)

  • sometimes borrowing resources from others

  • sneaking around when buying things & feeling guilty about spending on myself

  • wondering why there never seemed to be enough left over to have fun with

  • stretching the truth about my financial affairs

  • repeating the same situation month after month, that kept coming back to haunt me, like interest

Then I had a lightening bolt idea that was interesting. What if in an 'energy' sense, I was:

  • always giving out too much

  • neglecting my needs

  • always struggling to find ways for people to like me

  • struggling for attention and love

  • settled for what was leftover

  • always pretending to be someone else

  • being untruthful to myself about my situation and feelings, thereby being in "energetic debt"; my own energy was being denied

Every time I repeated the above patterns, that energy was stored in other people or things, robbing my emotional bank account of energy funds (and subsequently my literal money funds).

So from now on, my new energy mantras became:

1. I allow myself to receive

2. I allow myself to do what I love

3. I allow myself to speak my truth

4. I always take care of myself first & promptly

5. I am authentic

How to go from energy drain to energy surplus:

1. Treat Yourself (a lot!)

2. Prioritize me-time

3. Do what you love daily

4. Meditate

5. Find joy in the little things

6. Set up a savings plan for a rainy day

7. Unplug from everyone else & technology

8. Feed your body good food

9. Get outside

It's all about love and self-care... we gotta take care of us first, so fill up your cup! And then, as if by miracles, you will see your finances improve. It's all connected! xox

Joanna McDonald is the owner of Lotus Living; she practices in Hudson, Quebec at the Dana Centre of the Heart. 579-490-0214

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