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How to create your dream life

Updated: May 10, 2022

Ever wondered how to become a vibrational match for your dream life? A lot of people ask me why it is seemingly so hard to achieve their desires? That job that is just out of reach, that soul mate who is 'out there' somewhere, that money that seems to go out faster than it comes in? I hear (and see) a lot of people that seem to be frustrated with life, spinning their wheels yet staying in the same place, crying out "why am I not moving in the direction of what I want/need?".

The more we put out frustration and impatience, the further away things get. The thing is, everything is at your disposal. Everything has already been created, you just have to align yourself to it. But how do we do this? The answer is simple: it's your thoughts.

Step #1: Acceptance:

Every time you lose energy trying to fight things as they are, that's just it: you lose. You lose time, energy and love. Don't fight it, go with the flow of life. Just ask: ' what can I learn here? where is the gift?', 'what can I do to change the situation for a positive outcome?'

This doesn't mean that you have to compromise your boundaries or become a doormat, it simply means you have choices on how to react. Look around you and make a list of the things that ARE working well; gratitude will bring in more of those things.

If everything was easy, we would be bored. There'd be no challenges in life, we'd simply drift along like bumps on a log. The Universe puts challenges in our path to help us grow and learn. The key to success is how we manage our feelings by grabbing the steering wheel of our own lives.

Accept things as they are. Accept that you are capable. Accept that you are responsible for your thoughts. Accept that things change. Accept your dreams as reality. This will open up doors like miracles!

Step #2: Changing Your Perspective:

Take stock of your 'daily thought' buffet. What are you feeding yourself? Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full personality? Even if you have inner dialogue that you'd like to change, it's never too late. Lots of people grew up in adverse circumstances and have changed their inner dialogue to match what they wanted to achieve. With a little self- compassion, we can shift from being a victim to being empowered.

Step #3: Become Enchanted:

Remember when you were a kid and everything seemed like a magical experience? You were free to explore and roam and be creative to your heart's content? It's time to reclaim this. Become enchanted with your world again. Wake up and wonder what miracles will present themselves in your life today? What miracles am I grateful for? Good health, clean water, a home? It's very easy to shift your vibration with gratitude and enchantment.

Step #4: Set Your Intentions:

Set some clear goals and intentions for yourself. Go ahead, don't be shy! The sky is the limit. Use your imagination to dream some big dreams. Create a vision board or scour magazines...

Next, allow yourself the right to accept these good things when they show up. Allow yourself to be happy. A lot of people do great at the goal-planning but then are halted because they have a belief in place that doesn't allow them to actually manifest this goodness.

Step #5: Be The Change You Wish To See:

Finally, as Ghandi said it best: "Be The Change You Wish To See in the World". It starts with you. Go test drive the car you want. Walk into your favorite store and try on the clothes. Eat foods that make you feel good. You have to feel the feelings of what it would feel like to have your desires in your life. This is how we bring things to us by the Law of Attraction.

So often, many of us are in a position we don't like, wishing we were somewhere else. The trouble is we are feeling the feelings of being stuck, depressed and longing, instead of hope, happiness and fulfillment. Then we get more of those things in our lives to make us feel those feelings; it's like a vicious cycle.

By using acceptance, gratitude, setting intentions and actually being the catalyst for change, we become that change. Go forth boldly my friends, but always remember to feed yourself well!

Until then my friends, be well, xo

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