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   Joanna's Soul Space 


    Joanna McDonald, MT, RM, FsM

  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Reiki Master

• Feng Shui Master

  • atmosphere engineer


Bienvenue / Welcome 

I AM Your atmosphere engineer for energetic space management and wholistic Feng Shui.

We specialize in creating soulful spaces, sacred gardens & outdoor sanctuaries. 

Everyone deserves a space to discover their authentic selves, to understand their individual energetic blueprint, and to feed that passion & fire within. 

By unearthing and creating a sacred, soulful space that fits your own energy, one that fulfills your Soul and allows you to thrive, you can then begin to visualize your dreams and achieve your goals. 

By de-cluttering, refueling and re-organizing we can thrive in limitless ways!  
Let us help you to organize and create a sacred space in your home or garden to feed your body, mind & spirit.