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Behind the Scenes

About Joanna


After a career in hospitality and event management, in 2001 Joanna decided to merge into the field of natural health, receiving her Registered Massage Therapy diploma from Heritage College in Ottawa, Ontario. 


From there, Joanna has studied numerous modalities and completed many courses to further expand her business.  Joanna is a talented Reiki Master/teacher, medical intuitive, spiritual mentor and natural health specialist.  


Currently, Joanna is a student of the University of Metaphysical Sciences, completing her Doctoral degree in Metaphysics.


Gifted with "the sight" from an early age, Joanna has a keen eye on the invisible world and an amazing sense of intuition; she specializes in Chakra system imbalances and emotional intuition. 


With a background in anatomy, physiology, psychology, kinesiology and Reiki, she is adept at picking up the subtle cues from the body's incredible wisdom. 


Working in concert with other medical professionals, her aim is to help people achieve lasting well-being through diet, spiritual harmony and balanced lifestyle choices.


A consultant since 2010, she practices in Montreal, Quebec & surrounding areas.  


Besides a consultant, she has developed her own natural line of Spiritual products & gifts as well as a kindness initiative where donations are made each year to support children's charities across Canada. 


Joanna actively lectures, speaks and advocates for social change in a wide variety of health forums and conferences.


Joanna is registered with the  Canadian Reiki Association.

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