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The Power of Prayer

Updated: Feb 21

THE POWER OF PRAYER This Tuesday's Tip from Spirit is about asking for what you need/want.

The #angels are always ready to help!

You are literally creating your reality when you ask for help, when you pray to #Spirit, when you step outside yourself to ask for guidance from the higher good of all.

*For information purposes only. Always check with your health care provider before commencing any new diets or health regimes. I am not a licensed physician or psychologist and therefore do not claim that anything posted here will heal or cure you. I encourage you to make your own choices when it comes to your health & well-being.


Archangel Oracle deck featured by Doreen Virtue

Mala provided by @sequoia_beads

Yours in health & spiritual well-being,

Joanna xo


Joanna McDonald M.Msc, is a spiritual mentor, Reiki Master and teacher with an office in Hudson, Quebec. Find more information about Joanna here, book an appointment.

Natural balance for body, mind, spirit & home, that's Lotus Living. It's good for your health.

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