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A Permanent Vacation

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

5 Ways to Live in Your Heart Space NOW

Ever felt like you are living in a world outside of your own? Things aren't working quite right, maybe you feel a little disoriented, a little tired of trying to be something you don't feel quite right doing? Many people are so busy chasing 'out there' that they forget 'in here'. They forget that all the answers are inside.

If I can use the metaphor of a hotel room, where we are away from home, sleeping in another bed, with different sheets, using a different bathroom etc..., things are unfamiliar, sometimes uncomfortable and not at all personal. It may seem exciting at first, but then every hotel room is the 'standard' same as the next. The same goes for energy; when we live mainly in our heads instead of our heart space, listening to others' opinions over the truth in our hearts, we get a non-personal, sometimes uncomfortable, different view than our own 'home'.

When we live from our heart centre, it is like living at 'home', no matter where we go; perspectives, thoughts, insight and creativity are ours alone. It's like living in a mobile home that you can feel safe and secure in no matter where you are. We can digest and ponder what we choose to, as new experiences unfold before us. We can even choose the experiences we want!

The difference being that we have decided what feels right for us ahead of time. We are able to keep our equilibrium, our sense of being, our truth amidst the sometimes chaotic swirl of mainstream energy. We are able to use our internal GPS navigation system to guide us, to help us dissect information, and to release easily what is not needed or what has served its

purpose within our systems.

When we feel ungrounded, uncertain, or insecure, naturally we will feel a loss of personal power, purpose and passion. It is thereby difficult to create the life we want.

When we feel rested, full of nourishing ideas and food, in harmony with the Spirit within, we are in a much better position to faces the tides. It's not scary to look within, the real you is beautiful and waiting to blossom!

Remember this: no one ever owns a home to shut all the windows and drapes, lock up and go live down the street at a hotel, for fear of what may happen in the home. It's more than ok to venture from time to time outside our hearts to explore and gather new information, but we don't have to move out permanently because of what may lurk beneath the surface.

So my friends, open up the windows, turn on the lights (and the music) and have a permanent vacation, at home in your heart space. That way you will always be on vacation, just the way it was meant to be, for YOU.

My 5 Top Tips to Plan Your Permanent Vacation:

(ie. Getting into your heart space)

1. Get up close & personal: Get to know yourself (your 'home'); if you don't know what makes you happy or what you want, you can't create it. Start journalling each day to find out what you need to feel better or to release what no longer serves you. Make a "bucket list" of goals and dreams you want to achieve.

2. Nourish Your body well; treat your body like a temple. It will tell you what it needs to work well and be happy. Check out my Soul Food recipe page for inspiration.

3. Feel good about where you are; the happier you are with the present, the easier life becomes. You release expectations about how life 'should' be and start living it 'as is'.

4. Trust in yourself; trust that you are capable, smart enough, creative enough to find solutions for your life. Try on experiences to see if they're a good fit for you; art, pottery, cooking, games, photography, sports, fashion... whatever draws your imagination.

5. Remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E. inhale for 4 counts 1-2-3-4 through your nose, PAUSE, and exhale for 4-3-2-1 through the mouth. Do this for 4-5 times if you feel you need recentering.

Yours in health & spiritual well-being,

Joanna xo


Joanna McDonald is a spiritual mentor, Reiki Master and teacher with an office in Hudson, Quebec.

Natural balance for body, mind, spirit & home, that's Lotus Living. It's good for your health. #heart #chakra #spirit #guides #howto #spirituality #awakening #source #hudson #quebec #joanna #mcdonald #lotus #living

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