The Lotus Living System

Carve out your own trail...

Simply put, my mission is to change the cultural landscape for women to dream, live and succeed on own terms with practical, easy, DIY tips that work for them and their lifestyle. 


By offering workshops, one-on-one mentoring and inspirational videos & seminars, women can live life in balance, good health & joy, by grabbing the reins and deciding what they want and how they want to create it.

The first step is always about deserving.  When you KNOW you deserve more, you start to create a life that works for you, then you can share it with others.

Lotus Living Lifestyle System

I saw a real need in society of women selling themselves short and getting life leftovers ...(including myself!). 


The Lotus Living system really inspires women to live like the Goddess they are.  Lotus Living is a lifestyle system that includes 9 integrated parts.  When these are in balance, they offer a life that is fun, joyful, healthy and proactive. 


If you are thinking that your life is "a little off", I can help. 

With easy steps to create a solid foundation for yourself, you'll be on the road to success!  The Lotus Living system is peaceful living, creative living, balanced living & natural living.  Click on any of the links below to find out more...

Spiritual Awareness  |  DIY  |  Home Harmony  |  Body Care  

Emotional Evolution  |  Mind & Motivation  |  Food & Drink  Community  |  Green Footprints