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"Hi Joanna! A little progress report: I have been following your message from spirit and have purged many closets of clothing and unwanted things. I start my mornings with your energy guidelines setting intentions and in the evening reflecting on the good (and the areas for improvement).  This morning, I spent a few hours channeling and creating my spirit team; I have assigned 15 guides! That was a super fun project, but more importantly I feel so emotionally and spiritually supported now! Thank you for all your help! I am feeling super awesome!"

"It was such a joy to attend your Oracle Card Reading Workshop and discover your Daily Soul Food deck! Thank you for teaching with so much authenticity and generosity. You are a beautiful angel Joanna McDonald."

"Hello Joanna, I had the privilege to participate in your 4-sessions class on card reading. With your great knowledge, your great communication skills and your warm welcome, you have taught me to see signs around me, to pay attention to my intuition and to take actions!  It also has been a great opportunity to meet wonderful women, to create bonds and to definitely want to continue to develop my own expertise in reading cards.  It will be a pleasure for me to refer you my friends for card reading, classes or any other events that you will be offering.  Thanks again for having opened me heart and my soul to greater entities, to my guides. All the best for your future!"

"I would like to personally thank you for inviting me to this new adventure in my life. I have been practicing the techniques I learnt in the Reiki 1 workshop and I am so grateful for this knowledge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have such an easy way to help people try new adventures. You have a beautiful sense of comfort and your teaching ways are very inviting. "


"Thank YOU Joanna, for a wonderfully enlightening evening! You are a delightful speaker and a joy to listen to... So glad to have met you :)"

 "Hi Joanna, I was just thinking about how much both my mom and I gained from our sessions with you and feel compelled to give thanks again. You give so much clarity and validation, which is what so many of us need.”


"Joanna is an excellent teacher, guide & Reiki Master.  I have had the pleasure to have learned, be guided, and be stimulated with the help of Joanna.  She is fun, caring and encouraging to work with, as a true Divinity of light.  For people who are called to change their life, they will have the perfect guidance from Joanna.  She is a true blessing from God."


"Thanks again for the lovely session yesterday.  I feel a little lighter and more at peace with my current reality now, along with revitalized hope for what's on the horizon.  I really appreciate your candid, authentic style and willingness to share parts of your own journey.  It's quite magical."

"Thank you, Thank you !  You are so talented!  You helped change my life!  Literally."

"My session with you was just what I needed!  I'm carrying those messages with me as I move forward. It brought me the clarity and trust I was hoping to gain, as well as an excitement about my life that I wasn't  expecting. What you do is powerful, it has positively impacted my outlook on life and my actions."

"I wanted to thank you for your workshop last week, it really created a team spirit and I must say that things are moving, old clients are returning, the phone is ringing more steadily and the door is opening to a

lot of new clients; that is quite amazing!"

From all that is within me and around me, I send you my gratitude and love. Thank you for sharing your energy, your wisdom and your gifts with me yesterday.  I left your home on a cloud. I am processing all that you said to me. So much joy!!
I bow to you in gratitude and love; your energy is so beautiful.  I now see the path...... thank you for showing it to me.

Joanna, thank you so much for the reading. I so appreciate your time, your beautiful energy and insights ! I got so much out of our talk you have no idea!! Loved it! Thank you!

Thank you! With your help I am getting closer to my true self.

“I am extremely grateful for my session with Joanna. I had been processing the death of a dear friend and was hoping to connect with her. I went for a card reading and Joanna explained that she did not specialize in crossed-over readings but sometimes messages came through.  Joanna pulled cards that were very relevant to my needs and gave me clarity for next steps. As a bonus she was able to relay reassuring messages from my friend. The card she pulled for my friend literally flew out of the deck and represented her to a tee. Her choice of a feather and rose quartz to accompany the reading were perfect. I literally got goosebumps when she told me she had a flash of my friend’s name on the way to our session.  I left the session with a sense of peace and calm. Joanna reassured me that my friend was flying high and free and gave me practical ideas on how to communicate with her when I wished. Joanna has a precious gift, which is truly the gift that keeps giving.”

" I had the pleasure to have a session with Joanna. I must say I was happily surprised to see how comfortable she made me feel and I must admit, I was a little nervous. Joanna made me feel welcome, by her kindness and warm personality and creates a safe space instantly. She brought me immense clarity, one that I needed in important spheres of my life, such as career, finance and relationships and more ... I received more information then I expected, along with soothing confirmation and validation, guiding me towards my alignment. You don’t go home without a map! She kindly offered action steps, to allow solid anchors for my growth, which I know will insure my success on my journey towards the path on my best empowered self and my inner mission. Anyone that crosses Joanna's path is so lucky and blessed! She is a magnificent human being."

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