RISE Revolution

In 2017, local entrepreneur, Joanna McDonald released a brand new initiative. With a growing, home-based consulting business that offered spiritual mentoring and empowerment resources since 2012, McDonald however, felt called to do more.


In 2016, McDonald was struck with a heartfelt need to create a project which would make the world brighter, after the loss of her nephew David. David McDonald, the son of Joanna's brother and his wife, was born prematurely in October of 2015.  It was during her visits to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at The Montreal Children's Hospital, that Joanna became very aware of the fragility of life, the devotion of families and the dedication of staff.


As such, Joanna set about creating various motivational cards & hopes that her products & gifts will make a difference in the world by raising the global happiness quotient. 


In her words, "Every day I would see despair and sadness in the news; I realized immediate action was needed to help happiness reach more people with greater frequency.  If you can make a difference in someone's life, then why not act on your impulse to be kind? We are all in this together." 


With the launch of Positivity Postcards, the RISE Revolution Initiative has taken root.  The RISE Revolution Initiative (Real Individuals Succeeding Everywhere) offer encouragements in a variety of ways. With a core belief that love can change the world, Joanna and her team are dedicated to creating global change through raising awareness about positivity and kindness. 

Products are available in English and French. Part of the proceeds of go directly to the RISE Revolution Initiative’s preferred charities:


Helping children to stay healthy, thrive and have fun!  Donate now or purchase products to support RISE:


Contact me:

73B rue Cameron, Hudson QC  |  579-490-0214  |  joannassoulspace@gmail.com

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