Handmade atomizers for energy clearing, detox, refreshment, love, abundance & more! The ideal product to transform energy and boost your spirits.


Made with therapeutic grade essential oils from and clear quartz crystals, they can be used for personal or room aromatherapy.


**All spritzers are organic, hypoallergenic and normally safe for children and pets. Please test a small area prior to using to test compatibility.  Check with your doctor & use caution while pregnant, breast-feeding, in treatment for a specific condition or currently on medication.


** $1 off next purchase if you bring your bottle back for refill

    Aura Cleansing Spray

    SKU: AT2019-1
    • 50ml amber glass bottle with black atomizer spray top.  Choose from the following blends:

      • Love Potion
      • Energy Balancing/Clearing
      • Energy Booster
      • Zen Blend
      • Divine Detox
      • Magic Money
      • Awakening Blend
      • Stress Buster

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