What is 'Spiritual Constipation'?

Updated: Sep 15

A-hem.... while constipation is not always a topic that is welcomed in all circles, it is something that we for sure need to get to the bottom of (no pun intended lol...).

Have you ever felt lingering energy? I'm certain we all have felt stagnant energy in our "body spaces", you know the bloating, the pain, the cramps, the sitting for hours on the throne, hoping to be able to release waste... but what about Spiritual Energy that hangs around?

Is it possible to hold on to trauma, experiences, emotions and memories in our Spiritual aura? Is it possible to hold on to someone's else's stuff? Yes & Yes! Because energy is all energy no matter where it's stored, body constipation and emo-spiritual constipation are in fact one and the same. My Angels always tell me, 'You are only supposed to experience energy, but you aren't required to hold onto to it for-ev-er...' . 0-kay... I'm still working on this!

So let's dive right in and discuss ways to get past this uncomfotable-ness of old, stuck energy and how we can shift it. If left untreated, all these energies, including old food stuffs can make us feel tired, cranky, drained and out-of-sorts, not to mention a whole host of other issues that can arise.

The Physical Body System is an intricate system of cells, organs, glands, hormones and soft tissue that all work together to keep your engine running smoothly. With that being said, so is your Energetic System comprising of your body, your mind and your spirit. Most likely, when one is out of balance, so is everything else.

The Emotional Body System is also a complex system always striving to keep us safe, in balance, and pain-free. Now sometimes this helps us, but sometimes if we don't pay enough attention to our emotions and feelings, they can end up stuck. And keep us stuck, stuck in a BIG rut...

What if 'resistance' was in our way so to speak? What if life was moving too fast for us and we had trouble digesting all of the things that come at us? What if we were overwhelmed with decisions, and other people's stuff and our own stuff and aaahhhhhh it's all just too much sometimes... enter CONSTIPATION.

THE KEY IS FLOW. Food to keep our bodies flowing, movement to keep our minds flowing and meditation & mindfulness to keep our spirits flowing... <3

Here are 5 ways to shift your energy:

  1. Drink plenty of water; because we are electric energetic beings, water is essential for keeping our systems running effectively. Think of water as the 'flush' needed for body, mind & spirit

  2. Carry crystals; tourmaline, rose quartz and hematite are excellent stones to carry and to keep yourself mindful of keeping your temple sacred

  3. Release meditations; once a day, set aside some time to breathe and sit in the present moment. Set an intention to release what you no longer need

  4. De-clutter your closet; enough said here... it's all symbolically connected baby!

  5. Belly massage; SLOWLY and GENTLY massage your belly once a week to show your digestive system some love while mentally thinking of the things you want to let go of

  6. **Bonus: Avoid loud and agressive people... they can keep you tense!

Remember to eat lots of fiber, fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies. If all this doesn't work, make sure you make time to have a proper massage, a nice relaxing body treatment or visit your doc tout-de-suite if things don't improve.

Yours in health & spiritual well-being,

Joanna xo

Joanna McDonald is a spiritual mentor, Reiki Master and teacher with an office in Hudson, Quebec.

Natural balance for body, mind, spirit & home, that's Lotus Living. It's good for your health. #retreat #spirit #guides #howto #spirituality #awakening #source #hudson #quebec #joanna #mcdonald #lotus #living

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