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How to do "energy hygiene"?

Updated: May 10, 2022

Ever wondered where your energy goes throughout the day and how to get it back or keep more of it? Sometimes, as Spiritually open-minded as we all are, even the best of us suffer from energy depletion, energy theft and vampirism from time to time. Even day-to-day life activities can drain our batteries. Don't suffer in silence though, no one was born to feel crappy on a daily basis.

Energy depletion can feel like lethargy, headaches, nausea, feelings of being dirty, shivering, extreme fatigue, grouchiness and depression. Left for long periods of time, this can turn your life upside down and/or lead to chronic or serious illness.

Read on to get the basics on how to live your life in the energetic driver's seat and feel fresh, vibrant and ready to rock n' roll.

6 Ways to clear and refresh your energy:

1. Wash you hands in warm water; visualize any energy from anyone else, crisis, trauma or chaotic experiences running down the drain. Mentally thank the water for helping you to cleanse.

2. Use a Aura Cleansing Spray; now available in our boutique, these can literally help to change the air around you and the energy contained within. Simply spritz around your head, arms and torso, mentally asking any energy that may be stuck to be surrendered to the Universe.

3. Pray; take a minute or 2 to pray for release and restoration. There is an incredible power in asking for help and surrendering to a higher power. Visualize your desired outcome and ask for what you need.

4. Cleansing Rituals; honour your body, mind & spirit and make time every day to do a cleansing and aura clearing ritual. This may include a meditation, journalling, using gemstones and crystals, taking a tech break or getting a healing treatment such as Reiki or massage.

5. Take a walk in nature; it has be proven that humans heal in nature. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine if you can!

6. Get into Water; a sea salt bath, a swim in a river or wading your feet in a stream can have very positive effects on your energy system. Gently surrender anything you don't need and fill yourself up at your own pace.

Self-care is not selfish, it's self-preservation and it's so needed. Fill up your cup first and then head out in to the world and do your thing.

Until then my friends, be well, xo

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