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Springtime Diffuser Blends

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Spring is in the air! We're all looking for freshness, fun and clearer air after being cooped up all winter right?!??

Here are some easy blends to use in your diffuser to shift the energy in your home, bedroom or office. Simply use the 5-5-5 drop rule for instant atmosphere engineering.

Sample blends: of all of the above blends are available for testing scents before you buy larger quantities; please contact me for more details.

  • 1 Scent = $5 (2ml, contains enough for 2 diffusing sessions)

  • 4-pack = $15 (1 sample of each of the above blends)

  • Larger bottles of each oils also available (all sold separately)

Email me to order @


*Important: These oils are generally safe for children & pets, but always use caution when handling and using oils. Remember to keep them out of reach from little people and fur babies. Please consult your fav medical practitoner if you're pregnant or on medication as reactions can occur.

Breathe easy!

Joanna xo

Joanna McDonald is a spiritual mentor, Reiki Master and teacher with an office in Hudson, Quebec.

Natural balance for body, mind, spirit & home, that's Lotus Living. It's good for your health.#spirit #howto #spirituality #awakening #hudson #quebec #joanna #mcdonald #lotus #living #essential #oils #springtime #blends #diffuser #clean #air #purifying

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