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How to Clear Your Aura

Updated: Feb 21

Clearing your aura is easier than you thought!

5 tips to keep you centered during times of stress:
How to clear your aura

5 tips to keep you centered during times of stress:

1. Get up close & personal: Get to know yourself (your 'home'); if you don't know what makes you happy or what you want, you can't create it. Start journalling each day to find out what you need to feel better or to release what no longer serves you. Make a "bucket list" of goals and dreams you want to achieve.

2. Nourish Your body well; treat your body like a temple. It will tell you what it needs to work well and be happy.

3. Feel good about where you are; the happier you are with the present, the easier life becomes. You release expectations about how life 'should' be and start living it 'as is'.

4. Trust in yourself; trust that you are capable, smart enough, creative enough to find solutions for your life. Try on experiences to see if they're a good fit for you; art, pottery, cooking, games, photography, sports, fashion... whatever draws your imagination.

5. Remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E. inhale for 4 counts 1-2-3-4 through your nose, PAUSE, and exhale for 4-3-2-1 through the mouth. Do this for 4-5 times if you feel you need recentering.

Yours in health & spiritual well-being,

Joanna xo


Joanna McDonald, is a spiritual mentor, Reiki Master and teacher with an office in Hudson, Quebec. Find more information about Joanna here, book an appointment.

Natural balance for body, mind, spirit & home, that's Lotus Living. It's good for your health.

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