Eating Right for your Crown Chakra

Updated: Jun 1

"Where your thoughts go, energy flows...." or so the saying goes. When your body feels good though, there's no denying it, you feel good. But when it's depleted, that's another story. Let's discover how to mend your body's energy system by supporting it with the right foods and daily self-care.

Your Crown Chakra:

It is so vital to take care of our noggins, where would we be without them? Often times they get a bad rep for all the over-thinking, over-analyzing, over-critical busy work they do daily. On the flip-side though, they do help us to navigate the ever-changing waters of life. A lot of us take for granted optimal, healthy brain function; until something goes wrong. There is a stigma attached to wacky brain behaviour, even though it happens to everyone at some po