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Developing a strong root chakra

Updated: May 10, 2022

Hi friends, ok, these are 2 things I know for sure:

  • When you authentically know who you are and know for sure what you want, you can create miracles (and your dreams)

  • When you feel good you can create anything

If you want to create a life that supports you, it starts with allowing it to be created. You must create space for it, make time for it, and make creating YOU a priority. Why would you want to be anyone else but fabulous YOU?

In order to create miracles, the inside must match the outside. If you are making life choices when you are rushed, stressed, ill, after eating low quality foods, or after conferring with others, you will create experiences that match where they were created, and probably not your true wishes!

If you feel 3 or more of the scenarios below, you may have a root chakra that is leaking:

  • Tired & depleted

  • Lose energy easily

  • Have frequent infections (bladder, lung or sinus)

  • Financially tied

  • You're carrying around extra weight

  • Spacy and unable to concentrate

  • There's not enough time in the day

  • Scattered

  • Feel 'wishy-washy' about making decisions

  • The need to change your opinion depending on the company

  • Uncomfortable speaking your mind

  • Resentful after saying: "sure, whatever is fine with me" or "I don't mind"

  • Obligated to say YES more often than NO

  • You give away time, money and other resources for the sake of being nice

Because we live in a society that operates mostly from (and values) the head/brain, we might value, recognize and perceive only from what we see on the outside, not only in others but in ourselves as well. From this perspective, our boundaries, our wishes and our missions may get programmed into our reality from the outside and from others' realities/ beliefs/morals. From this perspective however, because we all live in a reality that is unique to us, from time to time we may feel that we are diluted in the 'soup' and perhaps lose our direction; and our foundation.

We wear many masks to make the 'illusion' of who we are better for many reasons, and many of us operate solely from this perspective all the time. This means that we ourselves are in fact living an illusion of who we really are, as we are guided by outside opinion and thought. We will then surely 'wobble' energetically and perhaps suffer from illness, dis-ease and a lack of a proper foundation.

How to fix energy leaks:

Creating a strong foundation to me means that I start by recognizing myself, the REAL me, and am truthful about what I need and would like to create in this life experience.

As I go about my day interacting with others, I am then able to operate from a more balanced perspective because my boundaries, my needs, and my wishes are CLEAR. I am also able to be more tolerant, forgiving and compassionate to others as I realize that I can release the need to take everything personally. "Happiness is when what you say, think and feel are aligned."

My routine for a strong, healthy ROOT Chakra:

For the BODY:

o Move the body: ideas and energy will flow

o Power walking in nature

o Eat RED food to feel fabulous!

For the MIND:

o Drink tons of water

o Schedule quiet time

o Meditate or get a massage

For the SPIRIT:

o Listen to your body's messages

o Do Yoga

o Rest

o Journal thoughts and patterns

o Wear RED. It helps to boost your mood!

When you know what you want, you can go directly there, instead of making countless detours of the destinations that aren't so ideal. Be the mighty oak tree, not the paper cup in the wind.

Here's to your HEALTH! xox


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