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Come out of this stronger

Updated: May 10, 2022

For the next month, I'm challenging you to do what it takes to #comeoutofthisstronger. What can you do daily to feel better, raise your vibration and change the world? IT'S UP TO US TO BE THE CHANGE. Post your adventures online with #bethechange or #comeoutofthisstronger - let's create a movement that rocks!!

Here's how you can stay healthy and balanced during tough times; ask yourself:

  • What are you doing daily for self-care?

  • What can you do for 30 minutes a day to feel better?

  • What can I learn right now?

  • When I don't have all the answers, have I looked within?

We all have time now... let this be a new normal for you. Start where you can:

read, watch inspirational stories, cook, bake, putter in your garden, plant plants for the butterflies and the bees, develop a new skill, call a friend ... this time we are in right now is ripe with creativity.

With respect and thanks to @healthfulhearts for their above message

Fear and sadness lowers your vibration and leads to illness; joy and feeling good raises your vibration and your immunity. So let’s get busy. You gotta do this - it’s all of our responsibilities to keep ourselves healthy; this is how we will create a healthy culture and society. Check out my blog for recipes and tips to boost your immunity and heal from within.

The body listens to your internal dialogue so feed it daily with good news and positivity. Be well my friends, xox


Joanna McDonald


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